Thursday, August 05, 2004

This way to the Blog, please!

NCADP now has a link to the blog on its front page, so we should be getting some more traffic. Also, NCADP has joined the Moving Ideas Network and NCADP's site is getting traffic from them as well. It sure is an exciting time to be doing Internet advocacy!

At some point in the future, we'd like to launch a serious Internet advertising campaign to let the progressive online community know about NCADP's web site. But it will have to wait until after the election. Those in the know tell me that progressives (including progressive blogsters) aren't really paying any attention to anything except Bush vs. Kerry.

Another thing the general public isn't paying attention to is James Hubbard. He's the 74-year-old guy in Alabama who faces execution this evening. He suffers from colon cancer, prostate cancer, hepatitis, dementia, stomach ulcers. You can read an LA Times story about his case here.


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