Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Keeping up with Lonely Abolitionist

Lonely Abolitionist has been updating a lot lately. (Trivia quiz: Can anyone tell me what state she is in? And whether or not they have the death penalty? Heh. I bet you can't!)

Her recent updates include examining the cost of prosecuting one death penalty case in New York; discussing the possibility of life without parole (as an alternative to the death penalty) in Texas; and reporting yet another death penalty conviction thrown out in North Carolina. Check it out and tell your friends to bookmark Lonely Abolitionist!


CarrieJ said...

Is this your way of making sure I keep updating consistently? SOOOOO much pressure. ;-) Its been busy, but I'll get some more posts up soon. I need to post on James Hudson today for sure. Thanks for the plug, David. Hmmm I doubt anyone out there knows what state I'm in. I play it semi-anonymous yah know. hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Lonely Abolitionist for the postings - it helps us to keep up with what is going on with this death penalty problem in this country. The more information that we abolitionists have,the better we can spread the truth about the DP and expose it for what it is - racist, politically-driven, evil, and just plain wrong.