Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Ryan Matthews: No. 155

Ryan Matthews became the 115th person to be released from death row due to actual innocence this week. He is from Louisiana. Interestingly, while researching his case for a press release, I found that he is the THIRD African American juvenile to be wrongly convicted and sentenced to death. Think about that. Of the 115 people we now know to be innocent, three of them were put on trial when they were 16 or 17 years old by Louisiana prosecutors. And all three were black. You think they've got a problem down there?


Serious Abolitionist said...

Yes, they have a problem down there, as does every state that has the death penalty. Not only is the death penalty obviously racist, the fact that so many people are exonerated shows that the whole system is broken. Chances are that if these young men had been white, they would not have gotten the death penalty; however, they probably would have been railroaded into convictions, particularly in Louisiana, Texas, or Florida. Most Southern states do not burden themselves with determining actual innocence as long as SOMEBODY (preferably somebody poor, or black, or Hispanic, or non-conservative) is convicted and either executed or sent to prison for life.

David Elliot said...

Great comment, Serious Abolitionist!

Do we know you?

Anonymous said...

Actually, there ae more white men on death row than blacks.