Tuesday, August 31, 2004

California is golden

Good news from California! The California Senate has approved the creation of "the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice."

That's kind of a mouthful, huh? In short, it is a study commission. The commission will study, among other things, wrongful convictions. The commission is to conclude its business and make its report by Dec. 31, 2007 -- a year that I predict we will see a bunch of abolition and moratorium bills advancing.

Lance Lindsey is the executive director of Death Penalty Focus, NCADP's California affiliate (and also the largest membership-based organization specifically devoted to abolish the death penalty in the world). Here's what he had to say about the study commission:

"We applaud the Senate’s vision in taking this important step,” Lindsey says. "But the only way to be 100% sure that California doesn't wrongfully execute someone is to declare a ‘time out’ on executions until we know for sure whether our criminal justice is working or not."

Meanwhile, more than 630 people await execution on California’s death row.


Anonymous said...

Long live O.J., Manson, Et al

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