Tuesday, August 03, 2004

74-year-old faces execution

James Hubbard is on Alabama's death row. He has colon cancer, prostate cancer, stomach ulcers, plus he suffers from dementia. I'm told that he spends almost all his time in bed (or, you know, what passes for bed when you are on death row.)

He's scheduled to be executed this Thursday. Go here to read more.

(I know, I know, they somehow spelled both my name and the name of my organization incorrectly. But I'm used to it and the important thing is, at least we got quoted.)

The L.A. Times is scheduled to publish a story on this Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

The wheels of Justice move slowly but as in this case they do move. He lived 12 years longer than his second murder victim, there is a special spot in hell for him. How come it seems that no one interested in saving this piece of crap has any concern for the victim’s family members that have been left behind?