Monday, August 30, 2004

From Iowa to Iraq

In the early 1990s, Pat Minor-Nidey co-founded the eastern state chapter of Iowans Against the Death Penalty. Now Pat is continuing in her quest for social justice by planning a trip to Iraq. Here's the beginning of an article that ran in her local newspaper:

Pat Minor-Nidey is taking her passion for peace and social justice from the streets of West Branch all the way to Iraq.

The West Branch resident says traveling to Iraq will give her the opportunity to learn more about the Iraqi people and be able to bring that information back to the area.

"I hope to get a better view of what's going on in Iraq," Minor-Nidey said. "When I come back, I'll be able to share with people what I learned."

Minor-Nidey's trip to Iraq is being arranged through an international organization known as Christian Peacemaker Teams. She is one of five people going from the United States. Her delegation will be in Iraq from Oct. 2-16. She will be stationed in Baghdad.

To read the whole story, go here.

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