Thursday, December 13, 2007

Quiet... Rainy... Abolition on the horizon....

The amazing thing about a well oiled campaign is that while there is always something that must be done, there comes a point when all you can do is sit back, try to relax, and wait for those final moments.

I was able to leave the office last night at 5pm and have a relaxing evening with my family. This morning I actually took the time to read the paper before coming in, and I was in no rush. Sitting here in the office the phone is mostly quiet - Mark calls to regret that the weather keeps him from coming to Trenton for the final vote. Julie calls wondering if it is too late to call her legislators (it is not!). When I post this, I'm turning off the 'puter and heading down to the Capitol.

It's NOT yet a done deal. The opposition is pulling out all the stops and it just isn't over until it is over (and Ed Martone sings). And if there is anything making us pull our hair out, its the media talking about it as if it is a done deal, and even celebrating. For example, this article about NJADP Director Celeste Fitzgerald would have been MUCH nicer if it came out tomorrow instead of today. Today it just adds to the pressure....

Oh well. The last minute lobbying is going on, and at about 1pm, we sit back and watch. I'll be back on this site, hopefully with some celebratory photos and a video or two, sometime in the next 6 to 10 hours.... Meanwhile, if you pray, pray today for wisdom and courage in the New Jersey legislature. Pray for ABOLITION!


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