Monday, December 17, 2007

The impact

On the impact of New Jersey's death penalty repeal (audio of the repeal signing here):
  • Alabama. Birmingham News editorial:
    If New Jersey can abolish its death penalty outright, surely Alabama can give its busy death chamber a break.
  • Connecticut. Courant editorial:
    New Jersey is poised to become the first state in more than 30 years to repeal the death penalty. We urge Connecticut's lawmakers to join this brave if small club.
  • Delaware. A letter to the editor:
    Kudos to the state of New Jersey for ending the barbaric practice of state-sanctioned murder. [...]

    Hopefully, the now more enlightened state of Delaware Legislature will address this is issue in kind.

  • West Virginia Charleston Gazette:
    New Jersey is joining West Virginia in abolishing the death penalty. Hurrah. We hope more states likewise end the barbaric practice of killing prisoners, as most advanced nations have done. Today, executions are performed mostly in harsh places like Texas, where former Gov. George Bush set records at putting people to death, and privately mocked a woman who was executed.
  • Idaho. 2News:
    [exonerated Idaho death row inmate] Don [Paradis] says Idaho should follow the example of New Jersey and abolish the death penalty.

    Paradis said,"Kicking the death penalty out, you're going to have some people saying we're giving into the criminals, you're not giving into criminals you're giving into being a civilized society."

  • Australia. Herald Sun:
    So it is time now to launch a consistent and principled policy, openly and loudly advocating an end to the death penalty internationally -- even towards key trade partners such as the US and China, who also happen to be among the world's most enthusiastic executers.

    At a time when New Jersey has just made itself the first American state in 40 years to abolish the death penalty, and when even Beijing is considering abolition, our new Government should seize the opportunity to make bipartisan national policy clear.

  • h/t Blue Jersey who has been exceptional and will later tonight be bringing video of the lighting of the Colosseum in Rome.

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