Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Opposition research...on us.

I guess perhaps it's a sign that we've "made it."

David Horowitz and DiscoverTheNetWorks.org: A Guide to the Political Left have done opposition research on NCADP, on our executive director and, well, on me.


Yeah. Funny. Their info is hit and miss. On the section on NCADP, they get tons of board members wrong and their list of funders is wayyyy old. On the section on our executive director, they get a couple of historical employment notes wrong, and don't seem to understand that since Diann is here, she can't logically still be running the ACLU's Capital Punishment Project.

On all three, they cut and paste some cookie-cutter paragraphs attempting to refute our assertion that the death penalty is racially discriminatory. (If you want to read the most authoritative stuff about race and the death penalty, go here.)

Here are their three sections:

Go here to see the one on NCADP.

Go here to see the one on our executive director.

And go here to see the one on me. (Man, I gotta do something about that picture!)

1 comment:

the tennessee dude said...

i can't stop laughing ...

i sent them this e-mail through their web site...

"your group is so inept it's flat out hilarious ... who is your clueless statistics person ... are you sure you're not funded by comedy central??? did jon stewart put you up to this???"