Monday, March 06, 2006

Cory Maye

Previous visitors to this web site probably are familiar with the Cory Maye story. He is the guy on Mississippi's death row who was convicted and death-sentenced after shooting a police officer. The police officer had mistakenly raided the side of a duplex where Cory lived and Cory, suddenly awakened and, thinking his 18-month-old daughter was in danger, fired his pistol.

The Cory Maye story has been circulating around the blogosphere for several months now, uniting liberals, conservatives and libertarians who are concerned over the right of government to conduct paramilitary-style police raids on private homes. Hundreds and hundreds (more than 400, last I checked) of blogs have commented on this case. Go here for a list, conveniently divided between conservative, libertarian and progressive.

What's strange is that despite this story penetrating the blogsphere in a way that death penalty stories seldom do, so far the MSM ("mainstream media") has been completely AWOL.

Until now.

This Sunday, the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi's lead newspaper, published a lengthy, front-page story on Cory Maye's case. You can read it here.

One interesting note. The Clarion-Ledger mentioned the story's presence in the blogosphere and quoted from several blogs:
"The MSM (mainstream media) hasn't paid any attention to this story, but it should. And I hope the Mississippi Supreme Court will be paying lots of attention, too." - The Volokh Conspiracy

"This case is an interesting test of the power of the blogosphere. Though the apparent injustice is two years old, it seems to have attracted exactly zero attention in the mainstream media, at least according to a Google News search for 'Cory Maye.'" — Mark Kleiman at Huffington Post

"I've witnessed a couple police raids, and they're noisy as all-get-out .... It's kinda hard to believe that Maye would have been asleep through all the racket, even before his door was kicked in." — flick100785 on Public Eye at

"Maye's case is an outrage. Prentiss, Mississippi, clearly violated Maye's civil rights the moment its cops needlessly and recklessly stormed his home in the middle of the night. The state of Mississippi is about to add a perverse twist to that violation by executing Maye for daring to defend himself." — Radley Balko on

Radley Balko, who works for the libertarian-leaning Cato Institute, is the one who first broke the Cory Maye story. He deserves all the credit in the world for bringing this injustice to light. You can follow the story by visiting his blog.

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