Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More new blogs...and a donate thingy to the left

Two new anti-death penalty blogs to report!

Ohio Death Penalty Information is a newsy blog that reports on death penalty current events, both inside Ohio and across the country. You can visit it here.

And Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty weighs in with their innovative new blog, entitled, Not One More -- The VADP Weblog. You can visit it here.

If you look to the left and scroll down, you can see all of the anti-death penalty blogs and their links. Including this one, we've got about 18 anti-death penalty blogs that update regularly or semi-regularly. And all of that has happened in under two years!

Also a shout-out and thank you to our friend Karl, who added a donate button to the left. Not sure why we didn't think of this before -- donations go to NCADP and to our efforts to "grow" our state affiliates and help them organize.

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