Friday, March 10, 2006

And standing in this corner...

One of the good things about so many anti-death penalty blogs popping up these days is that we get to "borrow" each other's stuff when we can't find anything good to blog on.

And so today recap an interesting event that happened in Tennessee last night. (We appropriate this with a sense of guilty please from our favorite anti-dp blog out there.)

Tennessee dude writes about his debate with a pro-death penalty district attorney:

it was kind of a cat and mouse dance between me and ol’ mike taylor … he is about to try a capital murder case and not his first … like many a d.a. he likes to obfuscate the absolute discretion they hold in deciding to pursue death by laying out the limitations placed upon them (aggravating factors etc…) – so I counterpunched with a re-frame explaining not only the discretion but why it results in geographic disparities and cases that look alike resulting in wide varying sentencing outcomes … and so it went between us – parry, parry, jab, hook, parry, duck, jab, feign, parry, sidestep, jab … juan melendez says I won the match on points … I felt nimble … I thought taylor was gonna take the match to the world wrestling federation level when I called him on his assertion that the defense has access to far greater resources than the prosecution in a capital case … d.a. taylor hunts down meth labs with the best of em’ but I thought for sure he might be dipping into confiscated stashes of the scurrilous white powder when he made that comment … we both let it go there…

You can read the whole thing by going here.

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