Thursday, December 22, 2005

40,000 and counting!

Sometime in the wee hours last night, our little blog received its 40,000th visitor!

I know that's not much compared with some of the giants out there like dailykos and others, but for a single-issue blog on the death penalty, it ain't too shabby.

Keep coming back and we'll keep updating as we look ahead to a busy 2006!


CarrieJ said...

I know, The Lonely Abolitionist is almost on 10,000 which is shocking! (of course many of those were from me going to check to see who had been checking it out...but still!).


Aldon Hynes said...

I should note that I've been reading this blog somewhat regularly via BlogLines, along with about 18 other people. I imagine there are a lot of people reading this through other aggregators as well.

So, your 40,000 is actually undercounting the number of times the site has been viewed.