Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Virginia election results

Just a quick note here: NCADP does not, can not, will not endorse candidates for political office. We can not, because of our tax status!

But we can report on candidates' positions on the issues and we can discuss election results.

Democrat Tim Kaine has defeated Republican Jerry Kilgore in the governor's race. Kilgore, many of you may know, ran a series of intense and emotionally manipulative pro-death penalty TV spots.

Interesting note: After he launched those, he fell behind Kaine in the polls. And tonight indeed it looks like he has lost by six or seven percentage points.

I just watched Kilgore's concession speech. I did not hear him mention the death penalty. Can someone correct me on this? Did he indeed mention the death penalty? If not, why not?

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Jessica said...

i didn't hear him mention it. and somewhat unrelated, but i think that fact that bush campaigned with kilgore may have hurt. you know, with support for bush being so low. even in virginia, we know we don't want another bush in office.

i know you can't say it, but i can: thank you virginia for electing kaine.