Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More on yesterday's election results

From Karl Keys at :

In all the major election races this year (VA, NJ & NYC) well known
opponents of the death penalty appear to have won. In Virginia, attempts to
smear Tim Kaine with the "anti-death penalty" label backfired. His opponent
unleashed a massive advertising blitz on Kaine's stance. Kaine's poll numbers
surged in backlash to that ad campaign. It is possible Kaine won because of, not
in spite of, his position on the issue.

In New Jersey both candidates came out in opposition to state killing, to one degree (Corzine opposes the death penalty) or another (Forrester appears to havesupported a moratorium). Corzine won, with the media not addressing the issue despite the strong likelihood that an abolitionist bill will likely make it to the floor in the
coming months. In New York City abolitionists won the District Attorney and
Mayor's race. Mayor Mike Bloomberg pilloried his opponent's retentionist
position on the death penalty in a hard-hitting ad campaign. DA Robert
Morgantheau earlier this year devastated his opponent in the primary in an ad
campaign focusing heavily on the issue of the death penalty.

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