Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Back but not quite blogging...


As you've probably noticed we've been on hiatus (but definitely NOT on vacation!) for the past week. I've been down in Texas, working hard at NCADP 2005: Turning Wins into Winning.

The conference was a fantastic success and we're back in Washington, D.C. now, but as unfortuitous timing would have it, right when we were producing this conference, we were also moving our office from the Eastern Market neighborhood to K Street near Dupont Circle.

Right now we're experiencing some Internet connectivity issues so it might be a day or two before we can start posting news about the conference to this blog. But stay tuned; it's coming!


Anonymous said...

Great conference David. Good luck with the move etc.!

T J Geiger said...

The Conference was amazing and provided targeted allies with needed tools. With the dedicated work of David, all the staff at NCADP, and abolitionists around this country, we will soon see a new world come into being. A world without executions.