Tuesday, April 26, 2005

U.S. brings democracy, equal rights to Afghanistan!

Or not:


A Muslim woman has been stoned-to-death for adultery, police said on Sunday, the first such incident in Afghanistan since the Taliban's ouster from power.

Amina, a 29 year-old married woman, was publicly stoned-to-death on the basis of a district court's decision on Thursday in Argo district to the west of Faizabad, the provincial capital of Badakhshan, police said.

"She has been stoned-to-death," provincial police chief, General Shah Jahan Noori, confirmed to Reuters, adding a team has been sent to the area to investigate the incident further.

Adultery is forbidden in the Muslim country and under Islamic sharia law the penalty can range from flogging to stoning-to-death.

The practice became common during the rule of hardline Taliban who controlled most of Afghanistan till late 2001 when they were ousted from power by US-led forces.

A witness, Mujibur Rahman, told Reuters that Amina was dragged out of her parent's house by local officials and her husband stoned her to death while the man whom Amina had sex with was flogged 100 times, and was then freed.


Anonymous said...

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Stan said...

The killing is abhorrent, but your suggestion that the United States (government) presence caused or approves of stoning the woman is lame. Were U.S. officials, soldiers, diplomats present to witness or help carry out this barbaric murder of a woman? You don't mention that. You draw the naked conclusion that the U.S. military and political actions in Afghanistan are causally linked to this woman's execution and the disproportionate punishment of the man with whom she allegedly committed adultery. This kind of reporting/opinionating reduces your credibility - significantly. It also diminishes the real tragedy that a woman was brutally murdered for an indiscretion not considered criminal in this country. THAT is what we should react to with recoil and revulsion.