Thursday, April 07, 2005

Input for the blog, part one

We recently invited NCADP members to send us any blog-worthy material they have with the promise that we would post it. Here's a great message we received from Nina in Washington state:

Hi, I have been writing to several men on death row, in Arizona and in Montana. I started doing "Prison Ministry" shortly after seeing "Dead Man Walking," then I had the pleasure of going to a seminar given in Seattle by Sister Helen PreJean. Back in 1992, I started writing to two brothers, on Death Row in AZ. They are still there and are doing as well as can be expected. Roger and Robert Murray were convicted of murder back in 1991 in Kingman, AZ on their way home from a trip to Las Vagas, NV. I don't judge anyone for their offenses, simply because I wasn't there. Robert Murray has written a book, a couple years old now, called, "Life on Death Row." It can be found in bookstores or on ~ it is a very good read!
He is now busy writing his biography, which should be great!
Thank you for reading this and God bless!
In peace,
Nina Hall

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