Thursday, April 07, 2005

Input for the blog, part two

And we received this message, from Megan Clifford in Rochester, New York. Please write Megan if you can help her out!


I am a former Jesuit Volunteer who was matched up with Robert Simon Jr. (Mississippi death row) in 1996 for a ministry-type of correspondance. I have written to him ever since. Robert asked me awhile back to contact his attorney so that I could have information on his case. He was anxious about exhausting his appeals and was requesting I make funeral arrangements. I am sure this is premature but would like some information. He signed a release and also sent letter to his attorney requesting that he give me permission to talk about his case. Being that I live in New York and the prision reads all the letters Robert sends me I have a hard time getting access to news about his case. Can you post this on the blog to see if anyone can help me. I have some friends who are attorneys who are interested in helping me review his case if I can get access to some information. I can be reached at

Thank you-

Megan Clifford

Rochester NY

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