Sunday, August 19, 2007

A video challenge: Kenneth Foster

An interesting, and experimental, development in the efforts to save Kenneth Foster life, a Youtube Petition Campaign. In a nutshell - it is a challenge to send a video message calling on Governor Perry to do the right thing and spare Kenneth Foster's life. As explained below:

For more information on upcoming events please visit Kenneth's Blogspot and website. Other information can be found by visiting the Texas Moratorium Network. You can take action by writing Governor Perry, Members of the Board of Pardons and Paroles and Members of the Texas Legislature to Stop the Execution of Kenneth, here. The NCADP Execution alert for Kenneth Foster and Amnesty International's Execution alert provide excellent background information and steps you can take.

The video messages are being compiled here.

[h/t the Persian Cowboy]

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Monica K. said...

I'm an NCADP mailing list member and I've just sent out some letters on behalf of Mr. Welch, Mr. Conner, Mr. Williams, Mr. Mosley, Mr. Amador and Mr. Foster. I just can't believe that the death penalty is still for real in the US. In our time! Personally, I'm highly allergic to human rights violations. It's hard to believe that human rights, in a country like that US that promotes freedom, are being violated on a large scale. Execution is not the solution; it's the worst form of injustice. The death penalty is America's biggest disgrace.