Monday, August 27, 2007

AGAG A-Gone!

The celebrating has begun. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Aka AGAG, has resigned.

With a tip of the hat to positive universe, we bring you the following links:


The Protect Gonzales Act of 2007

You may be glad to keep watching Bill of Rights Defense Committee daily, throughout the day. Former Chairman of Amnesty I/USA, Joe W. (Chip) Pitts is Founder President of the Board

Alberto Gonzales vs. Alexander Hamilton
By Nat Hentoff

We’ve Been Overtaken by a Cult
Sy Hersh on Alberto Gonzales

June 28 2007 Gonzales “Death Cult” (Harpers Mag. quoting the Atlantic Monthly classic article of August 2003

Bill Moyers Interviews Jon Stewart on Gonzales, et al

Alberto Gonzales: Tip of the Iceburg

Older yet especially relevant
Here is perhaps the most startling to date
(be sure to look up the Letters to the Editor which followed this mind-boggling, well-researched article still quoted classic on Gonzales–with plenty of clues for what would come with his nomination to US AG)

Gonales Won’t Repudiate Torture Memo

Alberto Gonzales Archives

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