Friday, April 27, 2007

Phillip Workman: Deadly Silence

[I should have noted when we put this up on Friday that this is the first time that You Tube has been used -- to our knowledge -- for a death row clemency video. It is being posted now to encourage further such postings to You Tube & in solidarity with the clemency efforts on behalf of Mr. Workman. The NCADP's affiliate in Tennessee, TCASK, has more.]


sr. mary jude jun, osu said...

Many thanks for this video. I have been working for many years for the abolition of the death penalty and find the treatment given to Mr. Workman a disgrace. In a so-called democratic society that claims justice, we should hang our heads in shame when parole boards act in this manner. There is no greater violence than claiming it is right to do more violence and our society is clearly on the way to a future without any justice. Thank God, in some states, capital punishment is being considered totally wrong when a sentence of life without parole is sufficient if needed at all. May mercy come into our criminal "injustice" system.

Anonymous said...

Wake up! What about the victims and their families. Life without parole is total B.S. nobody ever stays in for life. There is always parole for killers, and the victims and their families are always left as collateral damage. We need the death penalty, every state should have it, and criminals should get the just punishment!!!!!!!!!