Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday

Oh, we so have to blog this!

I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday
’cause you’re evil
And you lie
And if you should die
I may feel slightly sad
but I won’t cry

- the Smiths

AEDPA is 11 years old today. What is AEDPA, you ask? The Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act was passed in 1996 by Congressional Republicans and signed by President Bill Clinton, who was seeking re-election at the time. It greatly restricts death penalty appeals and forces federal courts to show extreme deference to state courts when reviewing state death penalty convictions. Many people believe that because of this law, innocent people have been executed in this country in the past decade.

[via Capital Defense Weekly, who got it from Criminal Appeal]

Now, on a somewhat related note, we have an, um, "missing person" report we have to file. It seems that habeas has gone missing.

On October 17, 2006, he went missing without a trace. Last seen in Washington, D.C., his current whereabouts are unknown. Where is he? We don't know. But if you want to help us find him, go here.

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