Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Note on new John Grisham book

For the first time, John Grisham has written a non-fiction book. This book recounts the true story of a wrongful conviction that sent a man to Oklahoma's death row for more than a decade. Here's more:

AN INNOCENT MAN (Doubleday, hd. 28.95)
Release date: October 10

In 1971 Ron Williamson left Ada, Oklahoma, to join the Oakland A's. He returned to his mother's house six years later with an injured arm and addicted to alcohol and drugs, unstable and unemployed. In 1982, a woman was raped and murdered, and the police were unable to make arrests until five years later, when they arrested Williamson and a friend. Despite the lack of evidence, Williamson was convicted and sent to death row until he was freed in 1999 as a result of DNA testing.

John Grisham was inspired to tell the story of Ronald Williamson, his trial, imprisonment and eventual exoneration. "Not in my most creative hours could I imagine a story as compelling as Ron Williamson’s," Grisham says.

This first work of non-fiction published by John Grisham has been called his most compelling legal thriller yet. THE INNOCENT MAN will profoundly affect our perception of justice in America today.

We are now taking advance orders for signed copies of this momentous new book. Visit us or call us at 800-648-4001 or 662-236-2262. No email orders please.

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Anonymous said...

I am pro-life and against the death penalty. This is a consistancy that is supported by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Life is precious and society should not take it on itself to take the hypocritical view of supporting life on one hand and readily promoting the death penalty on the other.