Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Must update more often. Must update more often. Must update...

Yesterday, in the wake of the exciting news about the abolition of the juvenile death penalty, NCADP's web site had more traffic than ever before -- more than 1,500 individual users in one day. And this little ol' web site had 150 visitors. Daily Kos is't not (or even grits for breakfast) but for a single issue web site that doesn't get marketed very much, it's not bad.

But it makes me feel guilty that sometimes I can't update as much as I would like...when things get busy, getting the press release out and taking and returning the media calls takes precedence. One doesn't get paid to blog!


CarrieJ said...

I hear yah, David. I wish I could blog all day long...and there is enough going on that I could! These days, it seems I only post when there's an execution. That's hard.

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