Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Meet Vernon Evans

Vernon Evans is scheduled to be executed by the state of Maryland the week of April 18, although a stay is considered possible if not probable.

A woman named Ginny Simmons has launched what could be a first: A blog uniquely dedicated to the thoughts of one person facing execution (there are a lot of web sites out there dedicated to people on death row, but they are not blogs).

Anyone can send in questions and Ginny will get them to Vernon and report back with the answers.

Check out the new blog by going here.


CarrieJ said...

Good news! Vernon Evans received a stay. For now, he will not be executed the week of the 18th.

Anonymous said...

At the time these horrible and extremely vicious murders occurred, I was living in Pikesville, Md., where such things just don't happen. I was shocked and angered at what happened at the Warren House Hotel. I personally don't care if the person who kills is white or black or of other race or ethnicity. The bottem line is this, if you kill, then you should die. If my own brother went out here and murdered someone, he would deserve to die. If I killed, than I deserve to die; bottom line. There was plenty of evidence that put Vernon Evans at the Warren House Hotel at the time the murders took place. There were people who testified including his ex-girlfriend who said he did it. And there were others who stated that he had conspired with Grandison to commit the murders. Vernon Evans is lucky that he had this much time to live. Nobody should be on Death Row for 20+ years, so he is over due. The murders that he committed upset my mother terribly because she had stayed at that hotel one time when her furnace broke down. It could have been my mother murdered if she had been there at the wrong time. So I do not want to here about UMD studies indicating that capital punishment is racist. Have people forgotten that (2) innocent young people were brutally murdered? Why are people so quick to protect vicious killers from execution? I wonder what these same people who oppose capital punishment would say if they had a daughter who was raped, tortured and murdered? What would these same people say if it were their son or daughter working innocently at the Warren House Hotel that afternoon and gunned down with a Mac-11 sub-machine gun? It is easy for people to vote for abolishment of CP when it was someone elses family murdered and not theirs'. Capital Punishment is not a deterent simply because it is not used correctly. If killers knew that they will be executed for killing someone, they may think twice before committing the act. Our laws protect killers, not victims. Most people just get life in prison when they kill, which is not a bad deal. Knowing that all you will get is life in prison for killing would make many people consider exterminating their worse enemy. States have to get tougher on killers, that's why a city like BALTIMORE and a state like MARYLAND, needs to be more like Texas and Florida. These states make killers pay for their crimes.

MOONDOG said...

I think a bigger detterent would be to bring back PUBLIC EXECUTIONS. If one were to see a person swinging from a rope, one would thing twice about committing a crime. My grandfather would talk about how there used to be PUBLIC executions in Maryland, and the crime rate was a lot lower. Not only that, leathal injection is just too humane for them. The victims in this case didn't have the option of being put to sleep, they were murdered in cold blood with a machine gun. The death penalty is not racist either, it's just a way to put off carrying out the condemned person's sentence.

Anonymous said...

Vernon Evans must go to his grave. He knows he did it and so does GOD. I am so sick to my stomach hearing about how death row inmates find GOD in their lives now that their own lives are at stake. Maybe he should have found GOD before he murdered two young people. I lived only 3 miles from where these crimes were committed in 1983. I still remember the brutality described on the news and still remember the many cop cars that surrounded the motel after the murders. Kill Vernon Evans and send a message to the citizens of Maryland that cold blooded contract killing will not be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Kill the SOB. I guarantee that if it had been my family murdered on that faithful day in 1983, Vernon Evans would be a dead man 50x over, because I would have put a contract out on his life in prison. He would never have seen another Christmas after his conviction.

jed said...

If the death penalty was only used when we had 100% positive knowledge of who committed the crime

If there were no mitigating circumstances

If it helped society in some way (which it doesn't)

If it was administered fairly and without prejudice

If it would bring closure, which it doesn't

I would still oppose the death penalty because it is the easy way out for society and it is done on my behalf and I am not a killer.

cmb said...

If vernon Evans family was so concerned about him why didn't they do enough to stop him for him before he decided to kill? I love when family members get on television and cry that their family member should not be put to death because it is inhumane. What is inhumane is the gaul of these family members going on television asking for sympathy for a scumbag like vernon evans. I say rot in hell Vernon. And by the way most people are for the death penalty. FRY VERNON!!!!

harrypath said...

I'm thinking that 23 years for the penalty phase in this horrific crime is the real outrage. I was a 32 year old living in Pikesville at the time and raising a 3 y.o. who is soon to be 26. Just goes to show you what happens when a society allows the criminal defense bar to set the rules on "justice". The game has been rigged and what people of good faith should do is tie the hands of judges for these seemingly endless appeals. It should be two appeals/reviews within three years with no allowable appeals thereafter unless an independent council outside of the criminal bar determines that "new" evidence might prove innocence. These endless delays have got to stop and the guilty given their justified sentences. In this particular case anyone who was involved with the victims is now gone before the murderer gets the full measure of justice. Where is the justice for those good people who had their friends/family executed? A slight aside here. I wonder how these anti-capital punishment folks justify their attempts to save the life of a cold blooded killer and still find time to attend the pro-choice rallies to kill innocent babies. Just a thought.

Scott's Friend said...

This man has played the system for 23 years and continues to play it. Scott Piechowicz and Susan Kennedy were good people from loving families. They did not deserve to be gunned down by this scum. Scott and his wife Cheryl (Susan's sister) were federal witnesses in a drug-trafficking case against Anthony Grandison. Grandison, already in jail and unable to do the job himself, hired Evans to kill Scott and Cheryl for a lousy $9,000. Ironically, Susan was mistaken for her sister. I think it's time to remember the victims. The only thing anyone seems to remember is "two motel clerks." Well, they were people, too, with promising lives ahead of them. They had no appeal.

Anonymous said...

23 years way too many he needs to go.

friend of Sue said...

worse experience of my life, seeing 2 lives cut short for a lousy $9000. no words can express what it was like at the funerals. they had their whole lives ahead of them. just think in the 23 years Vernon had sat on death row. They could of done so much with their lives Vernon needs to step up and take it like a man

Anonymous said...

Juice him. Now.

He's a vicious killer who got caught.

End of story.

Anonymous said...

Waaah! Waaah! Mammy! I killed someone and got caught, and now they gonna fry me!

lay down, shut up, and rot in hell, Evans.

Anonymous said...

It's all the White man's fault; we brought these baboons over here to work as slaves. What did we really THINK would happen, 300 years later?

A wise man once said:

"If we knew THEN what we know NOW, we'd have picked our OWN cotton!"

Anonymous said...

This man deserves to die a horrible execution. I will personally place him on my personal website and campaign for his execution. I am a lawyer with lots of friends. I can save him if i wanted because i myself can heal the sick and walk on the swiftest water. I can leap a building in a single bound. I am fearless of those that hate me. I am! Omg I make myself horny just talking about myself!

I was born congenital intersexed on the 16th of July 1955 in Kingston-Upon-Thames in Surrey. After having a complete nervous breakdown when I was eleven which led to me going to drama school for a year.

After I left home at fifteen, and after a year living on the streets of London, I was offered a job with Estee Lauder and worked for them for two years before becoming a nurse.

I have been married twice, the first time to Richard, who later commited suicide. The second time to Dennis. Dennis had Muscular Dystrophy and I nursed him 24/7 for over four years before his heart eventually failed.

I spent three years after Dennis died in a convent and devoted myself to working for the good of other people.

Oh sorry this wasnt suppose to be about me!

Kill the Bastard I say! KILL KILL KILL!!

Love and hugs,
Judy Aldridge

Anonymous said...

P.S. Judy again!

Vernon, e-mail me! I'm an attorney! Really! I'll take your case!

We can win this thing!

Brain Braker said...

As a member of the white race, I'm embarrassed by my state's treatment of Evans.

How many [b] centuries [/b] have we oppressed these poor Negroes? And now, denied good jobs, health insurance, and union membership, we're surprised when they're forced to take employment as contract murderers?

Evans has paid his debt to society. he's been in prison over [b] 20 years, [/b] for Pete's sake! That's ten years per life, which is enough!

Free him at once, commute his sentence, and get him a good union job with the phone company. Let him prove that he can be a productive member of society!

[size=3] FREE VERNON! [/SIZE]

Anonymous said...

Let the nigger die already. 23 years waiting for justice is long enough. One less murderous nigger in the world.

Anonymous said...

Heya Braker! If thata splib dude get outta the joint, lemme know. I can offer him a gooda job as a toilet unstopper in Westerly, Rhode Island.


Louis Gaccione

Anonymous said...

Brain Braker says, "ten years per life, which is enough".----WTF???

Hopefully you are kidding. If not, you are a jerk.

Juice the jerk now.

Wickedlyamoral said...

Asta la vista, Murderer!!

Anonymous said...

It is probably true to say that my biggest single achievement was to be born in United Kingdom as a male . This victory took me over thirteen years to discover i wanted to be a female, and it great when it finally happened. The results on body are far reaching and cover a a whole gammet things I can do with myself. The Lord Chancellor's Department now have a new "Division for Gender Recognition", with the new "Department for Gender Registration". My work led directly to the implimentation of the "Gender Recognition Act 2004" Everyone bows down to me know, for I am a GOD to all that have had the privileged to touch me, and the "Civil Registration of Same Sex Partnerships Act 2004". Forget what they say about the Little woman not being able to make a difference. As a new discovered woman I can do all the things that most other women can not, For I have saved many from their sins. The world turns because of me. Life is all about me in fake cap and gown. I wear my little robe every day just so those that pass me can see how wonderful I am. I am Judy the wonderful, the Queen of Queers. Let all that know me be blessed for my mere presents.

Love and hugs,
Judy Aldridge

HoHawg said...

Could you please post his address so I can writ to him?

(Guess I better use express mail)

Anonymous said...

Kill Him and do it now- he shouldn't have even been alive this long!


Anonymous said...

Back in my granfathers day....

A man had to answer for the wicked that he'd done
Take all the rope in Texas and
find a tall oak tree, round up all of them bad boys and hang them high in the street....
For all the people to see

We got too many gangsters doing dirty deeds,too much corruption and crime in the streets

It's time the long arm of the law put a few more in the ground
Send 'em all to their maker and he'll settle 'em down
You can bet he'll set 'em down

Anonymous said...


Je ne sais pas si la Victime pourra me lire.

Ce que je souhaite dire ,simplement ,:
-que d'abord je prie pour elle et son avenir
-Que je dénonce les restes d'une Humanité en perdition quand elle maintient la peine de mort(apanage de Dieu seul !--Et encore ,que dis-je ? - Dieu est un Dieu de Résurrection ,de Vie !!!-)

--Gardez Confiance en l'Homme...
--Vous n'êtes pas seul.
Trés amicalement.
Jean Louis

Anonymous said...

Bug off, you Frog Euroweenie.

Anonymous said...

There are some interesting points to this Evans case, and points of view expressed.
Also, a few legal tap dance issues; such as, that business about some crimes or enhancements enacted after Evans committed his crimes. That surely must have been dealt with in 20+ years appeal process.
What is Evans plea? For leniency? Or, commutation? ?!?!?!?!?
I don't get it.
I thought he was under Death Sentence, with a date set.
What is the delay?
I'm gonna go with The State and The Law. The prosecutor in any event. Whatever The D.A. recommends in this case. Given the, in my opinion, inordinate amount of years since conviction.
Oh well. I'm looking for the guy's (Evans) obituary, is all I wanna see! :-)

"Bye." ...NEXT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good News a stay has been issued. This is not good news. This is more tax payer dollars that are being wasted. Put him to death all ready. We need to get these judges out of office and put ones in who truly believe what we believe. People please review your judges in your county, email your congress people and tell them you want the judges in the higest courts out. You want JUSTICE for Victimes. Hey thats a dirty word, (victims). JUDGES SEEM TO FORGET ABOUT VICTIMS.

And to Vernon Evans family hope you die with him.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Valdez,

Instead of biting your tongue, how about biting my ass?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I notice that many of the people here think that murder is wrong, yet they want to use the same means to punish the person. Murder is okay when a cop shoots someone and says he feared for his life, but is wrong for an average person to kill because they fear for their life. People need to figure out what side of the fence they are on. And in reference to the comment where someone said we need public executions that's outright stupid. Society creates criminality and without it, it would not be able to exist. The prison industry is a multi-billion dollar business. There will always be poor people and rich people. The rich people always make the laws to suit their needs and the poor people are forced to abide by them. To demonstrate, show me one Major senator that makes under a million a year.

Ed said...

A solution to speed up the appeals process for an innocent or guilty defendant would be the creation of an appeals court with the same authority of the Court of Appeals that ONLY hears death penalty cases.

By the way, where is/was the Warren House Motel?

Dundalk, MD

Anonymous said...

Scotty is/was my cousin. Scotty was not a "motel clerk". Scotty, his sister in law, his now deceased wife Cheryl Ann, my now deceased aunt reese and uncle walt died never seeing this murderer executed. They did not see
Anthony executed as of yet either. Scott's wife never had a normal life from 1983 until her untimely death. She was in hiding and never saw her family, her friends, her home, nothing because of Mr.Evans and Anthony. Scotty stood up for doing the right thing and was to testify against this maget drug lord. Nobody was ever the same. Nobody. We will live out the remainder of our lives, without scott or my aunt or uncle here. They died heartbroken having lost their only son, their only child. They also lost their daughter in law, and her child whom they loved dearly and adored. Scotty was creating a beautiful new life w this lovely family, and we will never be the same. Justice? There will never, ever be justice here. Never. We are so very sad til this day. I am not publishing names, because of the nature of the crime. Need I say that I do not trust our government, who failed to protect my family, even though the govt. was told about the threats to scotts and cheryls lives.

Anonymous said...

Goods news ??? Was it good news when the family of the murdered individuals received the news that piece of shit coldly executed their loved ones..Hey Carrie...sounds like you would enjoy sleeping with this peice of shit...hmmm...maybe a jailhouse wedding in the future for you ?

Anonymous said...

This is the biggest peice of shit blog I have ever come across. He and every other murderer deserves to be executed with in a week of getting found guilty. Morons liek you are what is wrong with this country.

Hopefully an innocent family memeber of your's is murdered by some low life.