Monday, January 24, 2005

Visiting death row in Georgia

Martina Correia, a longtime NCADP member whose brother is on Georgia's death row (despite having a strong innocence claim), writes the following. She is referring to Tim Carr, who is scheduled for execution this week:

On Sunday January 23, 2005, I went to visit my brother on Death Row in Georgia, it was about 17 degrees with the wind chill making it a lot colder. As my family entered the visitation room my 10 year old son De'Jaun noticed one of his friends sitting in a cage with a video camera recording him and his family. It was Tim Carr a 34 year old man with a beautiful 4 year old red headed nephew named "Scooter". De'Jaun and Scooter are also good friends meeting while both children visit their uncles on Death Row in Georgia. Little Scooter wasn't smiling and De'Jaun simply said to me, "Moma why is Tim in a cage and why does he look like he's seen a ghost?"

De'Jaun is 10 now and understands very well, so I simply said, "De'Jaun, Tim is afraid, they plan to kill him on Tuesday, De'Jaun said well Moma can I say hello and maybe we can pray, because Tim is a good person. He then said to Tim, my mom and her friends are faxing the governor and other people so don't worry." Then a guard told us to come away from the cage. My son woke up this morning telling me he had a nightmare that Tim was dead and nobody tried to help him. I can't spare my son from this and that is so sad to me. Pray for Tim Carr and his family.

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