Thursday, January 27, 2005

Max Soffar, Chapter 975

Those who have followed this little blog know that one of the innocence cases we've been tracking is that of Max Soffar, who has spent years on Texas death row. Let's stop and acknowledge something: It's hard to follow all of the innocence cases that are in the works right now. We have multiple cases in Florida, Ohio and Texas. We have at least one case in Arizona, North Carolina and Tennessee. This could be a big year for innocence.

I mention this because we just received the following message from Nancy Bailey, who is active in the Texas abolition movement:

Max Soffar's arraignment for a new trial is scheduled for this coming
Wednesday, February 2 at 9 AM here in Houston at the Harris County
Criminal Court House, 232nd District court. Judge Mary Lou Keel is the
presiding judge That is on the 16th floor. It would be very good if
lots of people could attend. This is a very important case. In view
of the very strong evidence of Max's innocence and the decisive overturn
by the 5th Circuit and their refusal to look at an appeal by the state,
it is appalling that the Harris County DA is planning to try this case

Appalling, indeed. We'll keep you posted regarding further developments.


CarrieJ said...

Appalling...but not unexpected. Its not like the Harris County DA could ever admit it made an error...or perhaps let down its ego long enough to try to find the actual killer.

Anonymous said...

you friggin morons......... why don't you ask the jerk why he shot ardan felsher in the right side of the face. i guess he was fed this information just to make him look more guilty than he really is.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone still believe this man is innocent? Two juries from two different generations arrived at the same conclusion. GUILTY! Unfortunately, the victims' families will have to wait several more years before he is strapped to the gurney and has to answer for what he did.

Anonymous said...

"Max Soffar confessed to his crime decades ago." That was the last time he told the truth! He has lied so much he believes his own lies! He has a way of brainwashing those he comes into contact with. He is where he belongs and where he belongs is where he is going to stay!!! May he rot in prison and then may he burn in hell!