Friday, October 29, 2004

Texas governor refuses to recognize U.N. day

There goes my home state again...

Perry snubs United Nations Day
Associated Press

AUSTIN - Republican Gov. Rick Perry refused to honor United Nations Day, even as President Bush signed a U.N. proclamation, because doing so would be inconsistent with the governor's views, his spokeswoman said.

In his proclamation, Bush had urged governors to "honor the observance of United Nations Day," which was celebrated Sunday around the world to commemorate the date the organization was founded in 1945.

"It was a conscious decision to not issue the proclamation out of concern over the lack of support the U.N. has shown for United States efforts to bring freedom and democracy to the world," Perry spokeswoman Kathy Walt said.

To read the whole story, go here.


CarrieJ said...

David, as I sit here in a hotel room in Austin (traveling on business...darn for-pay job!), it occurs to me that you should clarify that, while Texas may be your home state, you are actually from Austin. Austin is a totally different animal when it comes to politics and social issues. Don't you think? I think perhaps people from Austin should be granted a bit of stay from the way I generally think of other Texans. :-)

By the way, I haven't posted on Lonely Abolitionist for a bit because...well...I've been in Austin schmoozing with other IP lawyers (does anyone see the irony? or is it just my exhaustion?). In fact, I didn't even realize they killed Dominique until earlier tonight when someone I mentioned my blog to indicated the stay had been lifted... so sad... I need to get to posting but lately it drains me.

Keep up the dynamite work my friend!


tnfzpaul said...

Why recognise the UN when they do not recognise the US. I mean, how many times were the petitioned by the US to go into Iraq and they did nothing but sit on their rumps?