Friday, March 13, 2009

New Mexico Senate Approves Abolition Bill

Earlier today, Friday, March 13, 2009, The New Mexico Senate voted 24-18 to repeal the death penalty in New Mexico and replace it with a sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole. House Bill 285 now goes to Gov. Bill Richardson for his signature.

Governor Richardson's office has set up a hotline to receive the opinions of New Mexicans (and anyone else!) on the issue. That number is 505-476-2225. Those wishing to weigh in via e-mail can do so through the governor's web site at: and clicking on "Contact the Governor."

"This is an extremely difficult issue that deserved the serious and thoughtful debate it received in the Legislature," Richardson said in a prepared statement. "I have met with many people and will continue to consider all sides of the issue before making a decision."

Please take action RIGHT NOW to urge Governor Richardson to sign the Death Penalty Repeal bill whether you live in New Mexico, or anywhere else! IF you know people who live in New Mexico, please forward this and urge them to take this action immediately.


A few faces in the crowd....

Michelle Giger of Murder Victim's Families for Reconciliation speaks with the Associated Press immediately following the historic vote.

Allen Sanchez, Executive Director of the New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops with Viki Elkey, Executive Director of the New Mexico Coalition to Repeal the Death Penalty.
Very happy key players....

Michelle Giger and Cathy Ansheles of Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation, after a bite to eat and a bit of celebration, on their way to deliver hand written thank you notes to the NM State Senators who voted to repeal New Mexico's death penalty.

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