Wednesday, April 09, 2008

200,000 and counting!

Early this afternoon, Abolish the Death Penalty received its 200,000th visitor:

Total 200,001
Average Per Day 276
Average Visit Length 0:35
Last Hour 17
Today 155
This Week 1,933

Our readership is down a bit these days, probably because in recent times other activities have prevented me from blogging as often as I would like. I'll try to do better for as long as I can. Meanwhile, thanks to others who have helped make this blog a success, such as my friend Karl and my friend and new coworker Abe.

1 comment:

CarrieJ said...

David - this blog has been an excellent labor of love. Thanks for continually providing such great commentary and updates. I'm missing the blogosphere and chatting with you. Will try to email soon!