Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Organizing at every opportunity

I stole the following from the TCASK Blog. James Staub, a Tennesse Coalition to Abolish State Killing board member writes that he is preparing for the annual multiple sclerosis bike ride and invites sponsorship. Why is this an abolitionist concern? Read on:

Dear Friends:

In 2003, my third MS bike ride, I finished last. A few years before in my first MS bike ride, I also finished last. It's high time I became "Triple Threat James." I fully intend to finish last in this year's MS "Jack and Back" bike ride, and I need your help.

Please support the fight against MS - and my bike ride - by pledging online. (If that link doesn't work, try and look for the "Donate" link.)

Why do I want to finish last? In 2003, I told other riders about Paul House, an innocent man on Tennessee's death row who has been suffering with MS for the past 15 years. Paul's lawyer describes the medical treatment he receives to help manage the disease as little more than a multi-vitamin and a Tylenol PM. Since that ride, I've met Paul's mom Joyce, who is one of the sweetest women in the world and who is waiting for the day her son comes home so she can take care of him.

I'm going to finish last again this year because I'm going to tell Paul's story to as many riders as I can. I'm going to tell Joyce's story to as many riders as I can.

And I'll be wearing the "Free Paul House" T-shirt from TCASK.

Thank you for your support!
James Staub

So there you have it. James is going to an unrelated event and he will organize the people there by making a connection between the death penalty and the issue close to the heart of those people. We should all take note and look for such opportunities in our own circles. And that's not all. As we talk to people, those who are clearly on our side need to be signed up as members of their state abolitionist organization, and of course, as members of the National Coalition as well!


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