Friday, July 06, 2007

Troy Davis makes Daily Kos

"Sometimes, a death penalty case comes along in which it looks for all the world like an innocent person is about to be executed. Sometimes the Supreme Court washes its hands of that case, turns its back, and diddles while somebody is fastened to the gurney."

Read more at Daily Kos.

Eleven days, folks. Eleven days.

Meanwhile, to take action go here.


Anonymous said...

Funny, the folks at DailyKos will spit on the graves of American vets performing security duties in Iraq, but will jump up and down about a cop-killer.

Anonymous said...

I believe our justice system has many, many flaws. However, 17 years ago this man was convicted by a jury of his peers. (fair, right?) Isn't that what we all want and hope for? Secondly, if he was innocent then why has he waited until NOW to call for his justice and his innocence? If YOU were innocent, wouldn't you fight from day one, writing letters to whom ever would listen, making contacts and fighting for your innocence? There are SO many organizations out there now that WILL fight for the truly innocent. Why wait until NOW to scream injustice????
If 7 of the 9 witnessed are NOW recanting their testimony then THEY should be arrested for purgery. They LIED? Right?

Is he afraid to die because he knows the Lord says "vengence shall be mine"?