Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Texas - common sense stays

I am pleased to announce (as indicated on the left hand side of the blog) stays in Texas of this weeks execution dates of Larry Swearingen and Ronald Chambers. Mr. Swearingen received a stay - according to press accounts - from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to permit time to look at questions of his potential innocence. Mr. Chambers received a stay from Justice Scalia pending the outcome of certain questions as to whether or not he was sentenced to death under a constitutionally invalid statute. These are common sense stays to ensure that our system of capital sentencing works appropriately.

You can follow this & all major death penalty news the abolitionist-leaning sites at Stand Down Texas, Ohio Death Penalty Information, and Capital Defense Weekly, as well as the Death Penalty Information Center[snip].

[Note: Following a fairly insightful comment, the above post was edited, concering a statement about DPIC that was substantially more snarky than desired. - k]


Anonymous said...

The snipe at DPIC was really not called for. Anyone involved in abolition knows that in their hearts, the folks at DPIC are against the death penalty.

However, they must remain neutral - officially - so that they can continue to be a GREAT source of nonbiased information and continue to put out the great, and respected, reports we've come to expect from them.

Karl, I must say I'm surprised at you for this one.

karl said...

I am not trying to snipe at DPIC & company. I greatly admire DPIC's work, especially its nonbiased analsysis and views.

To be blunt, they have done much to help the cause for the global repeal of the death penalty by simply offering facts. I strongly suspect, in fact, they (incl. Dick's seeming indefatigable energy) are one of the leading reasons for the decline in new death sentences & decline in executions.

With that said, DPIC isn't, an abolitionist organization. I get tired of reading everywhere in certain quarters (primarily the righwing press) they are. I also understand why they don't take positions.

With all that said, my point I was hoping to make, that DPIC is neutral and not abolitionist, was inartfully put (hell it was downright snarky) and has been edited.