Saturday, October 07, 2006

Site updates & execution dates

To the right we have added a list of probable execution dates. The execution dates are considered probable based on review by either Rick Halperin of Amnesty International or myself over at Capital Defense Weekly. We both have slightly different criteria for listing an execution as a serious date, but usually we both both agree.

With that stated, all execution warrants and execution dates are serious. Each date brings a degree of uncertainty to the condemned and to the victim's family. The passing of each date a certain degree of relief, however the names on the list to the right (with rare exception) are considered unlikely to ever again know that sense of relief or to see the scheduled date of their death pass.

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Anonymous said...

Keep the death penalty!! Its not just the victims of these killers that suffer, its the relatives of the victims who also have to live a life sentence, carry out more executions more often!!