Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yet again: Innocent and on death row

Hat tip to Scott over at Ohio Death Penalty Information.

Looks like we've got another innocent person on death row -- this one in Ohio. Guy's name is Tyrone Noling and folks, this one is a death penalty trifecta -- you've got a false confession, you've got prosecutorial misconduct and you've got perjured witnesses.

Scott's got excerpts and a good roundup of the case, in addition to all the links you'll need, right here.

Meanwhile, you can see a web site that has been launched to support Noling (still under construction) by going here.


vicky1030 said...

It is great to see that there are those who care about these horrible injustices.

Thank you for all of your exposure and hard work.

We will keep fighting until Tyrone is free.

Vicky Buckwalter

JusticeforArthur said...

Arthur Tyler appears to be yet another possible innocent on Ohio's Death row too.

I wish Tyrone all the luck in the world. He deserves justice!!!