Friday, June 09, 2006

Kaine did it.

He did it. He stayed Walton's execution for six months, pending an independent review of Walton's mental capacity.

Which is exactly and precisely as it should be. Which is exactly and precisely what has been called for all along.

When the state and the courts cannot or will not do their jobs, executive clemency is the proper and just course.

Of course, some folks in the right-wing blogosphere are going nuts. And Kaine is taking major hits for this, with opportunistic politicians (excuse the oxymoron!) taking potshots.

But today, Virginia has a governor it can be proud of.

A governor with guts. A governor who did the right thing.


v'lu said...

that's so bothersome to me, when a politician is considered soft on crime because he gives a man a stay or a commutation. people don't even think about what they're saying. not killing someone makes you "soft on crime"? heh. absurd.

i think one of the bravest men of our time was gov. george ryan of illinois.

PersianCowboy said...

congratulation! Good job.

Lucyp said...

Well said, I always found it chilling that people can call for someone to be killed as a punishment for killing someone else.