Thursday, May 18, 2006

The myth of prison as country club

Argument No. 28 for the death penalty is that if we simply imprison people for life, they will live out their years with all manner of creature comforts, color TV, air conditioning, three meals a day, etc., at taxpayer expense.

Today a visitor to our blog writes:
My only response to any liberal that opposes the death penalty is... put your self in the place of a victims family member... How would you feel if you knew that the murderer of your son or daughter was sitting comfortably in prison... I mean... sure they have to stay there for the rest of their life, but when you think about it... they get fed every day, they got a bed to sleep in... NO!! Murders and Traitors, and (i think the death penalty should include rapests as weel), there punishments are just. And for those who say their human rights are taken away... They forfeighted their rights when they took their victims if you read this... feel free to tell me how you feel. if respect the oppinions of others permanent link posted by Tyler Roznos : 1:54 PM
In response, I am going to once again offer words from our Indiana affiliate, which wrote the following about prison conditions:
Being in prison is not some kind of easy life. It is brutal. It is living every minute of every hour of every day of the rest of your life by someone else's rules. Rules that are intended to inculcate in you that what you are allowed to do at any given moment depends entirely on the whim of prison guards, many of whom are just one step away from being on the other side of the bars. Rules governing every minute aspect of your life: when you can take a shower, when you eat, when you go to the bathroom. If you manage to figure out how to handle the guards, you then have to figure out how to handle the other inmates, some of whom are true predators. Then there's the bad food, lack of any real health care, even if you have a chronic debilitating disease...In short, it ain't a frigging spa.


The Central Pennsylvania Abolitionist said...

I know a mitigation specialist whose job it is to find reasons why a jury should spare the life of a defendant. She says that every time she first interviews a defendant, without fail, he says, "Don't fight it. I don't want to spend the rest of my life in jail."

Last night I was at an event where people who work in and have been in prisons talked about how prison takes years off your life. A 50-year-old in prison is really 60 and few make it to 70, even though the average lifespan of the average American is over 70.

the tennessee dude said...

i'd like to ask our "friend" what he says to conservatives who oppose the death penalty...