Tuesday, February 14, 2006

MTV to cover Alternative Spring Break?

Last week we wrote about "Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break," which is scheduled for March 13 to 17 in my previous home town of Austin. Basically, it's an opportunity for high school and college students to come together and organize against the death penalty.

Now Hooman Hedayati, who's with Texas Students Against the Death Penalty, informs us that MTVU, which is MTV's university station, may cover Alternative Spring Break. A producer writes:

"When people think of Spring Break the vision of beaches, night clubs and drinking until you drop usually comes to mind. MTVU wants to put a new spin on the typical Spring Break stereotypes by showcasing college students from around the country with alternative plans. The new Spring Break trend has students using their time away from school for more meaningful purposes -- whether volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, helping restore properties affected by Hurricane Katrina or protesting a cause they believe in. We want to showcase these unique Spring Breaks by following students on their adventures. We’ll not only shoot the events they’re partaking in but also get the back stories for why these students chose their plans, how they feel throughout the trip and what they come away from the trip with. It's time to put the spotlight on students who are getting more than a great tan out of their Spring Break!"

It sounds great. To learn more about Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break, go here and scroll down a bit.

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