Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Yesterday, in a post entitled "The First Monday in October," I wrote the following about the 84 pages of cert denials issued by the Supreme Court yesterday:

Today's list included denials of cert for 37 people on death row. Not all of
these people have exhausted their appeals. But a number of them have and we will
soon see at least a small flurry of execution dates set, pushing upward the
number of executions that will take place in November and December.

Actually, I was in error because somehow I only got the first page of a two-page fax. There were actually cert denials handed down in 63 death penalty cases yesterday. We soon will see execution dates for people such as Robin Lovitt in Virginia, Reggie Clemons in Missouri and 75-year-old Clarence Ray Allen in California.

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Anonymous said...

May the Almighty have mercy on the souls of the victims of Choctaw Indian Clarence Ray Allen (Running Bear)and may God bless General George Armstrong Custer and the Seventh Calvary !!!