Thursday, September 15, 2005

Checking in from Houston

Just got this message and wanted to make sure people new about this (relatively) new way of using the Internet....seems that someone was podcasting on Frances Newton's case. This is the type of "new media" that I really like to see people in our movement using -- kudos, Mike, whoever you are!

I wish I had known this blog existed yesterday, or even before that. i was watching and waiting yesterday with no one really to connect with before I went to the vigil at St. Anne's in Houston.

I did a series of podcasts about my personal experience in speaking out about this case. One of them includes and interview with Frances' mom. If you are interested in hearing them, go to

Thanks for all of your work.

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mikeypod said...

I just got involved with this sort of thing. I just got so angry about this case, in addition to the fact that the media barely covered it.

I got a nest of other podcasters involved as well. and among them.

I have hope that this is the beginning of the media being taken back by the people. We have been lied to and manipulated for too long.