Thursday, August 11, 2005

Executed for being gay?

Amnesty International today is blogging about protests that are taking place in five cities around the world -- London, Dublin, Paris, San Francisco and Montpelier in France. The protests are in response to the recent execution of two teenage boys in Iran. To read more go here.


milo_s said...

This is a deeply troubling case. The Daily Kos blogged on this story in late July, shortly after the boys' execution. Kos and others have stated that they feel allegations that these boys had raped a 13 year-old at knife point are untrue. Kos provides more coverage in a message he posted in late July and info for contacting the Iranian interest section in the United States. See:

123txpublicdefender123 said...

Interestingly, in the infamous sleeping lawyer case, the prosecutor actually said in closing argument that one of the reasons for imposing the death penalty in that case was that life in prison would not be real punishment for the defendant because he was a homosexual. The defense lawyer--unkown if he was awake or asleep at the time--made no objection.

Bill Carroll said...

It doesn't matter why they were executed, execution is wrong. That said, this case shows the particular dangers of giving the government power to murder prisoners. Is Iran party to any of the human rights conventions?

milo_s said...

Iran is a state party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which obligates it to end the imposition of death penalty on children. According to Amnesty International:

"At least 159 people were executed in 2004, including at least one minor. Scores of others, including at least 10 people who were under 18 at the time the crime was committed were sentenced to death. It was not known how many of these sentences had been upheld by the Supreme Court. The true figures were believed to be considerably higher. The death penalty continued to be handed down for charges such as “enmity against God” or “morality crimes” that did not reflect internationally recognizable criminal charges."

Read on.

See also "Iran: End the double talk - Time to end the death penalty for children"

milo_s said...

Two more men are rumored to have been sentenced to death in Iran "for homosexuality."

See "Two New Gay Executions Scheduled in Iran, Says Iranian Exile Group."

Anonymous said...

laws in a foreign country are always seen as harsh to the so called civilized world.. that is because the over paid lawyers do not have the right to stick their nose in the fray and clouding up the facts. perhaps if we were not so liberal in the USA our crime rate would not be going thru the roof. i support the death penalty in the case of rape in iran.. it will no doubt send a message for all to hear. perhaps if we sent messages like that we would be better off. however with cases like OJ simpson and Michael Jackson proving that money can get you aquitted, what hope do we have.. ??