Friday, July 29, 2005

Progress in Alabama

From this morning's Birmingham News:

Results of a poll released Thursday show that 57 percent of Alabamians surveyed support a suspension of the death penalty while questions of fairness and reliability are studied.

Less than half, 47 percent, believe the death penalty is applied fairly in the state, and 80 percent think an innocent person could be executed, according to the poll of 863 likely voters statewide. It was conducted earlier this month by the Alabama Education Association's Capital Survey Research Center.

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Rep. Chip Shields said...

While there may be progress in Alabama, Oregon unfortunately is considering several expansions of the death penalty. What's most disturbing is that prochoice groups are leading the charge on expanding the death penalty in a game of political maneuvering with House Republicans around abortion rights and fetal personhood.

Keep on the look out for this cynical sacrifice of principle and human rights in your state. This may become a national strategy.