Friday, February 25, 2005

Who reads this blog?

One stat counter I use allows me to see where people who read this blog live (no, don't worry -- not your exact address, but rather your home town).

In some cases (involving governments and universities) I can tell a person's ISP. (For instance, I have noticed that people who work for either attorney general's offices or the courts in the states of Ohio, North Carolina and Virginia read this blog from time to time.)

But other than these patterns, the only thing I can tell about people who visit is that they come from all over. For instance, the last 20 people to come here live in the following places: Sarasota Springs, NY; Reston, VA; The Netherlands; Allentown, PA; Herndon, VA; Cleveland; Brookline, Mass; Great Britain; Madison, N.J.; Owensboro, KY; Elyria, Ohio; Richmond Heights, MO; New Market, MD; Auburn, Alabama; Chattanooga, Tenn; Englewood, CO; Virginia Beach, VA; Trenton, NJ; Abington, NC; and Raleigh, NC.

Thanks for visiting, everyone!

1 comment:

Brett's Sister, Diane said...

Just wanted to let you know that you now have a new viewer...from Mesa Arizona of all places. Even though I live in Arizona, where they execute people on death row, my main interest has been in Ohio. This is where my brother lives...on death row. Thanks for being here to help educate.