Friday, December 03, 2004

Four and out

Football fans know that the term "four and out" refers to an offense that gets the ball, fails to make a first down, and has to punt.

Combined, the states of Kentucky, Texas, Pennsylvania and North Carolina went four and out this week.

That's right: We had four executions scheduled in four days and we got four stays. No additional executions are scheduled for December and -- if this holds -- this will be the first month since July 1994 that we did not have a single execution!

Folks, that's amazing.

The four scheduled executions this week were:

Thomas Bowling, Kentucky. Bowling received a stay some weeks ago.
Frances Newton, Texas. You've read all about her.
George Banks, Pennsylvania. He is severely mentally ill.
Charles Walker, North Carolina. In an unusual move, the North Carolina Supreme Court allowed a stay in his case to remain in effect.

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