Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Innocence Matters, Chapter Four

Readers of this blog -- or members of Amnesty International or allies of NCADP -- are familiar with the case of Troy Anthony Davis. Troy is on Georgia's death row, despite the fact that seven of the nine people who testified against him at trial have recanted their testimony. (An 8th "witness" is missing, while the ninth is thought to be the real killer. No physical evidence whatsoever tied Troy to the crime.)

Troy has an important appeal before the Georgia Supreme Court this fall in his quest to secure a new trial. He narrowly escaped execution earlier this summer.

Today we are asking you to take action on behalf of Troy's life in a fun and creative way.

We're asking you to take part in the Troy Davis Innocence Matters Video Project

October 9th is Troy Anthony Davis’ birthday and in celebration of this occasion we’re asking all of his supporters worldwide to send him a video birthday message and to post that message on YouTube.

The Troy video project is simple. Using a webcam, camera phone, camcorder or any other recording device, simply record a positive video of 60-seconds or less wishing Troy a ‘Happy Birthday’ while reaffirming to the state of Georgia that innocence matters.

With so many Troy supporters around the world, we want these messages to be lively and creative. Feel free to sing it, rap it, play it, draw it, dance it, paint it, shout it from the roof-tops. What you say or how you say it isn’t important. What’s important is that you just say it!

Please keep these messages positive and refrain from bad language and controversial statements that could be viewed as inflammatory. We don’t want to upset people - we just want to show the world that Troy has global support in his fight for justice.

After you’ve recorded this message, please post it on YouTube using this link:

Let’s not only give Troy a “Happy Birthday,” let us also speak loud and clear in one voice that Innocence Matters!

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Anonymous said...

In one of the campaign against death penalty I read this banner :- "An eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth will only leave the world blind and toothless" - Mahatma Gandhi.
I changed my point of view since then. Death penalty is not the way to avoid/prevent crime. I hope enough people come to their senses and realize the insanity of death penalty.